The Medicine Bear


The Medicine Bear is a novel of adventure, devotion and healing in the enchanted Southwestern U.S. in the closing days of the Old West. "A pleasure for herbalists to read," Robin Rose Bennett calls this work by Plant Healer cofounder Jesse Wolf Hardin, "It offers an inspiring education for those who long to become more intimate with healing plants. The plants, the mountains, and the medicine bear sing to us, calling us each to full aliveness.”

A full 365 pages long, with 76 hand drawn illustrations and historic photographs. From the Foreword by Kiva Rose: “Never has a story of magic and healing, clarity and wildness been so needed as now. Hardin’s masterful approach to magical realism and history grants us a seldom seen view into the events that have shaped the borderlands and its people. So pull up a seat, and listen to a master storyteller’s tale of an mestiza healer and her true love.”

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