Radical Herbalism EBOOK


Radical Herbalism
Feral Herbalists, Free Clinics, & Guerrilla Gardening
Drawn from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine
Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin
Foreword by Paul Bergner
438 pages – Softbound B&W – Over 800 Illustrations
48 Chapters by 31 Impassioned Herbalists:
Paul Bergner • David Hoffmann • Guido Masé • Phyllis Light • Kiva Rose • Renee Davis • Sean Donahue • Janet Kent • Sam Coffman • Susun Weed • Dara Saville • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Rebecca Altman • Lisa Fazio Ferguson • Aviva Romm • Alanna Whitney • Susan Leopold • Jen Stovall  • Rae Swersey • Dave Meesters • 7Song • Nicole Telkes • Sarah Baldwin • Michelle Czolba • Bri Saussy • Leaf • Roger Wicke • Leah Wolf •  & Jesse Wolf Hardin


Herbalism is the “People’s Medicine,” a skill historically and necessarily accessible to all regardless of one’s class, status, gender, race, or financial situation.  Radical herbalism is “root” herbalism, inextricably linked to and drawing sustenance from this lineage of personal empowerment and insistent natural healing.  And not just the healing of bodies, but of our psyches and spirits, community and culture, immediate environs and global ecology. 

This new book called Radical Herbalism is the work of 30 socially and environmentally active herbalists, addressing issues of increasing importance to a new generation of plant healers, and providing the tools for preserving, growing, informing, equipping, and invigorating the herbal field... including topics such as:

• Herbal Access

• Street Medic Skills

  • Festival Medicine
  • Setting up a Free Clinic
  • Volunteering outside the U.S.
  • Social Justice, Herbal Justice
  • The Right to Practice

• Regulation & Licensing Strategies

• Herbal Activism

  • Neurodiversity
  • Diversity in Herbalism
  • Transgender Competency for Herbalists
  • Rewilding Our Selves, Herbalism, & Earth
  • Guerrilla Gardening & Greening The City
  • Cannabis Synergism
  • Weedwyfery and Community Herbalism


Radical |ˈradikəl| adjective

  1. (relating to botany): of, or springing direct from, the root or stem base of a plant
  2. (relating to a tradition such as folk herbalism): of the root of something in particular
  3. (relating to medical treatment) intended to be completely curative; thorough
  4. (relating to ideas) innovative or progressive
  5. advocating or based on thorough political or social reform
  6. (relating to action or change) affecting the fundamental characteristics of something; far-reaching

The 48 chapters in Radical Herbalism were written by 31 of the leading herbal educators, visionaries and activists of our Age... drawn directly from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine.  Each contributor has their own personal perspective, focus, and approach, and not all are in agreement by any means.  But in concert, the effect of their diverse contributions is to inform, inspire, and embolden us – the readers – in our co-creation of radical, healthful new paradigm.




Part I: The Empowered Herbalist


Jesse Wolf Hardin Plant Medicine at The Edge: A Permaculture of Healing

Kiva Rose Hardin Weedwifery: Of Vulgar Plants, Feral Hearts, & Rogue Healers

Phyllis Light Following The Sun: How To Be a Radical Herbalist

Sarah Baldwin Herbacolypse Now: Herbalism As Activism in a Shifting World

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Empowered Herbalist


Part II: Diversity & Traditions


Kiva Rose Hardin Roots Revival: The Reclamation, & Resurgence of Folk Herbalism

Lisa Fazio Ferguson Herbal Medicine & The Meeting of The Worlds

Renee Davis Spearheading Culture Change With Plant Traditions

Rebecca Altman Authenticity: Finding The Seeds of The Genuine in Our Work

Jesse Wolf Hardin Open to Debate: Vital Disputation & Healthy Disagreement

Janet Kent & David Meesters Radical Vitalism

Paul Bergner In Praise of Community Herbalism

Jesse Wolf Hardin Diverse: The Value of Cognitive Diversity, Neurodiversity, & Approaches to Herbalism


Part III: Free Clinics & Street Medics


7Song The Herbal Free Clinic Checklist

Guido Masé Integrating Herbal Medicine Into The Hospital Setting

Paul Bergner Nicaragua: An Herbal Revolution Unveiled

Sam Coffman Nicaragua: Reflections On Global Healing

Charles “Doc” Garcia Diagnosis on The Mean Streets

Sam Coffman Herbal Street Medic: Streetwise, Remote & Post

Sean Donahue In The Trenches: Festival First Aid & Herbal Medicine

Charles “Doc” Garcia Of Meth, Cayenne, Bleeding Heart & California Poppy


Part IV: Herbal Justice


Janet Kent & Jen Stovall Herbalism as a Tool for Social Justice

Nicole Telkes Occupy Herbalism

Leah Wolfe A Social Justice Herbalist in Haiti

Aviva Romm Radical Herbalism In Women’s Health & Childrearing

Rae Swersey Hungry With Leaf Scars: A Radical CommunityHerbalist’s

Musings on Chronic Pain

Sean Donahue Change & the Changeling

Alanna Whitney Safer Spaces: Transgender Community Competency for Herbalists


Part V: Feral & Weedy


Phyllis Light Wild & Weedy

Sean Donahue Wild & Undisciplined Healing

Kiva Rose Hardin EdgeWalker: Inhabiting the Borderlands

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Wild Herbalist: Rooted, Radical, & Empowered

Janet Kent Herbalism in an Age of Mass Extinctions

Susan Leopold Sacred Groves: Activism & The Conservation of Plants

Michelle Czolba Reforesting The City

Charles “Doc” Garcia The Urban Secret Garden

Ramona Saville Cannabis Synergism

Dara Saville On Behalf of Plants: Herbal Activism Through Restoration

David Hoffmann Deep Ecology, Deep Herbalism


Part VI: Licensing & Regulation


Jesse Wolf Hardin The Dance: Rules, Regs, & Rad Rebels

Susun Weed Herbal Medicine is The People’s Medicine

Paul Bergner Licensing & Accreditation

Roger Wicke The Right To Practice Herbology: Legal History & Basis

Paul Bergner Clarity on GMPs: Herbalism Will Endure & Grow

7Song Problems With GMP Compliance I

Sam Coffman Problems With GMP Compliance II

Sam Coffman Herbalism & Licensing: Strategies for Response

Leaf Radical Herbalism in Repressive Times




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