PHM Back Issue Summer 2017 (Ebook)

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Table of Contents From Vol.VII #III - PHM27

Summer 2017

Introduction & Announcements

The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Jesse Wolf Hardin
A Personal Code of Honor 

Sprouting - Kiva Rose Hardin
Wild Spring Flora, & Pregnant With a Field Pea

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teachings & Radical Thinking Paul Bergner
On The Banking Model of Herbalism: Empowering The Student With Problem-Posing & Direct Experience   

Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways Phyllis Light
Let The Right One In: Understanding Parasites & Their Herbal Treatment

Of Wilderness & Gardens        Dara Saville
Rivers, Restoration, & Hope for Medicinal Plants
Part 1: Understanding Threats to Riparian Ecosystems

Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation       Shana Lipner Grover
Cactaceae: Gifts of The Desert

Traditions In Focus   
Being The Bean Feasa Stephany Hoffelt

Materia Medica
The Hunt For Medicinal Mushrooms: What, How, & Why Peter McCoy
Legal Plants For Enhancing Consciousness Sarah Baldwin

The Enchanted Healer Jesse Wolf Hardin
Treating The Mind-Body.

A Distillation: Recipes & Formulas
Rose Vinegar: Kiva’s Favorite Sunburn Soother Kiva Rose Hardin
Thin Layer Chromatography For The Herbalist Bill Georgian

Plant Lore: The Mythos & Stories of Medicinal Plants
Stories of The Silvani: Plant Spirits of The Italian Dolomites Guido Masé

Foundational Herbcraft Jim McDonald
Putting Ideas Into Practice  


EarthWise: The Practice of Western Herbalism Matthew Wood
Treating Kidney Problems: Part I  

Seeing Folks
Cervical Dysplasia & Abnormal Pap Smears: Treating Them Naturally Wendy Hounsel

Intersections & Crossroads                     Sean Donahue
Hawthorn: The Blessing of a Tree’s Curse

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel Susun S Weed
Wildcrafting Sustainably – Part III 

Family Adventures in Herbalism
Herbal Child’s Herbarium Angela Justis

From the Ground Up: Cultivation & Propagation
Seed to Seed Katherine MacKinnon

Plant Healer Interviews: Conversations & Investigations Jesse Wolf Hardin
Dara Saville

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