PHM Back Issue Spring 2017 (Ebook)

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Table of Contents
From Vol.VII #II - PHM 26
Spring 2017



The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Jesse Wolf Hardin
HerbKin: Roles, Labels, What We Call Ourselves, & What We Really Do

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teachings & Radical Thinking Paul Bergner
Going Deeper to Get The Gift

The History & Future of Herbalism Matthew Wood
Return to The Green: The History, Growth, & Resurgence of Contemporary Herbalism

Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways Phyllis Light
The Pursuit of Happiness & Well-Being

Good Medicine Confluence
2017 Confluence Info – & Invite to The Wedding!

Of Wilderness & Gardens Dara Saville
Drought, Climate Change, & Medicinal Plants in The Anthropocene

Plant Healer Art
Slava!: A Portfolio of Slavic Botanical Embellishment Editors

 Materia Medica
Amadou: The Medicinal Mushroom of All Ages       Peter McCoy
Caffeine Herbs & Alternatives       Ryn Midura


Seeing Folks
Olfaction For The Herbalist Virginia Adi
Psychiatric Drugs & The Netherworld Angie L. True

Intersections & Crossroads                     Sean Donahue
Relaxing Tension: Letting Vitality Flow

Radical Herbalism 
Hungry With Leaf Scars: A Radical Community Herbalist’s Musings on Chronic Pain  Rae Swersey
Autumn Crocus, Colchicine & The FDA Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez 

Family Adventures in Herbalism
Children’s Sleepy-Time Self Care Angela Justis

 Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation       Shana Lipner Grover

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel Susun S Weed
Harvesting Sustainably – Part II

The Gathering Basket: A Basketful Of Meaningful Miscellany
Absinthe & Other Botanical Spirits Dave Meesters
Locavore Herbalism Natasha Clarke

The Healing Terrain 
The Geography of Health Phyllis Light

From the Ground Up: Cultivation & Propagation
Cultivating a Solution: Growing Your Own At-Risk Medicinals Sarah Baldwin

 A Distillation: Recipes & Formulas
Basic & Advanced Medicine Making Concepts – Part II Sam Coffman

Traditions In Focus   
First Considerations of Russian Herbalism Matthew Parke & Dr. Julia Nemirovskaya

Plant Healer Interviews: Conversations & Investigations Jesse Wolf Hardin
Shawn Donnille

The Changeling: Otherworld Healing Arts
Canyons of The Otherworld Kiva Rose Hardin


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