PHM Back Issue Spring 2016 (Ebook)

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Table of Contents
From Vol.VI #II - PHM 22
Spring 2016


The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Jesse Wolf Hardin
Not For Everyone: Dearly Needed Are The Committed Few

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teachings & Radical Thinking Paul Bergner
The Herban Legends

Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways Phyllis Light
The Health of an Herbalist
The Medicine of Garlic

Materia Medica
Introducing the New Book of Herb Profiles Jesse Wolf Hardin
Aralia Christa Sinadinos
Artemisia Robin Rose Bennett
Yellow Pond Lilly –Nuphar spp. Judy Lieblein

Flora Julietta: All Things Herbal Juliet Blankespoor
Purple Dead Nettle, Red Dead Nettle, & Purple Archangel

Seasonal Herbal
The Medicine of Spring: Joy, Release & Relishing The Ephemera Asia Suler

The Enchanted Healer Jesse Wolf Hardin
The Enchantments of Herbalism – Part I

Of Wilderness & Gardens Dara Saville
Introduction to The New Column
Ecological Herbalism Part I: Larrea Land

 Botany Illuminated                                 7Song
Fond Farewells: Medicinal Botany for The Herbalist

Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation     Shana Lipner Grover
The Benefits & Joys of Botany

Foundational Herbcraft Jim McDonald

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel Susun S Weed
Viva Vinegars!

Seeing Folks
Non-Healing Wound Healing With Herbs Sam Coffman
Eye Health for Herbalists Sam Coffman
Asperger’s, Autism & ADD: A New Perspective Katja Swift

Intersections & Crossroads                     Sean Donahue
A Wild & Undisciplined Healing: Feeding The Heart, Bridging The Human & Other-Than-Human Worlds
Sidebar: Aromatics

Tools & Tips
On Authenticity: Finding a Seed of The Genuine In Our Work Rebecca Altman

The Gathering Basket: A Basketful Of Meaningful Miscellany
Political Correctness, & Cultural Appropriation Debated Dave Meesters & Sam Coffman
Open to Debate: Vital Disputation & Healthy Disagreement Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Medicine Bear: An Historical Novel of Adventure & Plant Medicine Jesse Wolf Hardin

Animal Medicine 
Herbs For Rescue Issues Cat Lane

The Herbalist Mother: Pregnancy To Childcare
Self-Care for Doulas: Herbals & Common Sense Wisdom Sabrina Lutes

I’m An Herbalist Too!: Articles By Kids
Rio Grande Cottonwoods Mica Saville

From the Ground Up: Cultivation & Propagation
Bottom Heat for Enhancing Germination Juliet Blankespoor

From The Hearth: Traditional Foodways
Legendary Leeks Elka

Plant Healer Interviews: Conversations & Investigations Jesse Wolf Hardin
Janet Kent & Jen Stovall: Herbal Activists


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