PHM Back Issue Autumn 2016 (Ebook)

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Table of Contents
From Vol.VI #IV - PHM 24
Fall 2016


The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Jesse Wolf Hardin
The Shimmer

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teachings & Radical Thinking Paul Bergner
Critical Thinking in the South: Learning From Experience

Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways Phyllis Light
The Tooth of The Matter

The Traveling Medicine Show  
Indian John Jesse Wolf Hardin

Bridge Walker: Traditional Herbalism Applied in 21st Century Culture Guido Masé
Technomages Part II: A Cybernetic Model for Herbal Medicine

Of Wilderness & Gardens Dara Saville
Cultivating Our Awareness: Monarda & The Desert Mountains

Seasonal Herbal
The Medicine of Autumn Asia Suler

Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation       Shana Lipner Grover
B is for Boraginaceae

The History & Future of Herbalism
Quacks & Nostrums: Anti-Herbalist Propaganda – 1948 Style

Radical Herbalism 
Herbal Medicine is the People’s Medicine Susun S. Weed
Creating Safer Spaces: Transgender Competency for Herbalists Alanna Whitney

Seeing Folks
Cognitive Diversity, Neurodiversity, & Diversity in Herbalism Jesse Wolf Hardin
Drug/Herb Interactions Lisa Ganora

Foundational Herbcraft Jim McDonald
Secondary Actions: Anti-Inflammatories

Integrating Science & Tradition Thomas Easley
The Digestive System – Part I

 Intersections & Crossroads                     Sean Donahue
The Fire in The Head – Part I: Salutary Madness

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel Susun S Weed
Understanding Dosage

Animal Medicine Cat Lane
Common Complaints: Herbal Strategies for Dogs‘ & Cats‘ Everyday Ailments

The Gathering Basket: A Basketful Of Meaningful Miscellany
Ragged Edges: Building the Plant/Human Community Agatha Noveille

Family Adventures in Herbalism Angela Justis
Mad Scientist Body Care: Aromatic Bath Ideas & Recipes

Plant Lore: The Mythos & Stories of Medicinal Plants
In Praise of Wine & Honey – Part II: Honey Virginia Adi

Foraging Matters Wendy “Butter” Petty
How to be a Smarter Mushroom Hunter

From The Hearth: Traditional Foodways
Green Chile Heaven Elka

The Medicine Bear: An Historical Novel of Adventure & Plant Medicine Jesse Wolf Hardin
Part XX: The Conclusion

Plant Healer Interviews: Conversations & Investigations Jesse Wolf Hardin
Sarah Lawless


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