Materia Medica EBOOK


In-Depth Herb Profiles & Uses 
 Edited by Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose Hardin  
504 Pages b&w – 90 Chapters – 75 Herb Profiles
 featuring Kiva Rose • Phyllis Light • Rosalee de la Forêt • Juliet Blankespoor  Christa Sinadinos • Dara Saville • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Elka • Sam Coffman • 7Song • Henriette Kress  Sean Donahue • Sophia Rose • Leaf • Corinne Boyer • Sabrina Lutes • Wendy Petty • Jared Rosenbaum • Reneé Davis • Rebecca Lerner • Erin Poirier • Susan Leopold • Rebecca Altman • John Slattery  Samuel Thayer • Christophe Bernard • Ramona Rubin • Jesse Wolf Hardin  

Presenting a wonderful collection of plant profiles and articles by some of the most informed and experienced herbalists of our time, 90 essays drawn directly from the pages of Plant Healer Magazine. Previously titled “Wild Medicine,” this volume has been repurposed and expanded as a resource for practitioners with 50 new pages added including pieces on medicinal Cannabis, Gotu Kola, Desert Lavender, Spilanthes, Hibiscus, Goldenrod, and how to cultivate herbs. 
Materia is a Latin word meaning “matter.” It matters to the herbalist that there is unwellness and suffering, and it matters whether we respond with herbs or with pharmaceutical drugs, and it matters which plants we use, in what ways, for which conditions and which constitutions. One’s Materia Medica consists of the actual plant matter we utilize in our treatments, and its effective use is dependent on our understanding of it and its actions. For this reason, a Materia Medica is also a collection of profiles or studies, a collective body of usable plant medicine knowledge. 
Section #I of the book you hold features over 60 in-depth medicinal and edible plant profiles, with information on how to identify, wildcraft, garden, harvest, preserve, cook, or make medicines out of each. Section #II is all about herbalist ethos, practica and tips, wildcrafting and cultivation principles and means.  
The greater our familiarity with the medicinal plants we us, the greater our success will be in treating conditions and contributing to health. Such familiarity may begin or be augmented by reading and research, and then be deepened through clinical, personal, and hands-on experience. For that purpose, we hope this book of Materia Medica will prove a resource, an aid, and an inspiration.

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