The Enchanted Healer


The Enchanted Healer
A Portal Into The Sensorium, Plant Medicine & Folklore
by Jesse Wolf Hardin with Kiva Rose
295 Full-Color pages, 8.5x11”
Softbound Limited Edition


The Enchanted Healer is our first full color book, featuring inspiration, tools and insights for a more effective practice or purpose, and an awakened and satisfying life.  Every page engages the senses, with a mission of not only informing but empowering and enchanting us.

“In The Enchanted Healer, they do not write ‘about’ herbalism, dreams, a healers path; rather they invite us ‘in’ – to experience the texture, smells, sounds and urgings that the plant world so lovingly beckons us to.”   –Kathleen Maier, Sacred Plant Traditions 

There is no greater, more important work at this time than the active healing of ourselves, each other, and our world.  And every conscious person has an inherent responsibility to personally do what we can to assist this healing, whether it be in an obvious care-giving role such as those of an herbalist, acupuncturist, massage therapist or holistic nurse... or as visionaries, artists, teachers, researchers, shamanic therapists, parents, conservationists, activists, sensualists and celebrants passionately committed to mending, remedying, rectifying, improving and beautifying the world we’re a part of.

Vital to any effective and satisfying practice is our enchantment, not in terms of our being “bewitched”  or “beguiled” but enraptured, enlivened and aroused!  The most powerful and helpful Healers will always be those who combine critical thinking and disciplined investigation with a magical worldview, a perspective that opens both our minds and hearts to those potentials existing at the edges of our existing knowledge.  As explorers of the far depths and full breadth of reality, we and our personalized missions benefit from any increased awakeness, embodiment and presence, self-knowledge and self-care that this book addresses... from the exercising and development of awareness, to the heightening of our physical senses and so-called “extrasensory” perception, the quest for meaning, and the encouragement of vital wonder.  Read about Gaia the living Earth, Places of Power, Healing Quests, Sacred Indulgence, Eros and Sexuality, the Magic of Cooking, the Ecstatic Drum, the Lessons of The Enchanted Forest, Creating an Inner Sanctum, and the beauteous Art of Healing.

“The enchanted healer is one who has gone to that other world, been changed... and committed himself or herself to the All Life... to heal all things, to bring them into right relationship with all others.  I hope the reader enjoys this journey into the enchantment of the healer as much as I have.” –Matthew Wood, Herbalist


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