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Introducing the “Magazine Different” – a full color digital quarterly featuring over 250 pages per issue of the most in-depth herbal healing information, along with plant mythos, magic, savory cuisine, and fine arts... inspiration and empowerment for the nontypical plant healer, a sense-filled celebration of alternative folk herbalism culture.

$19 per quarter/issue - Click the red Buy Now button above or below. You'll be sent a link to the current issue upon payment, and will receive links to each new issue as they are published for as long as you continue your quarterly subscription!

Featuring such notable contributors as:

Paul Bergner, Matthew Wood, Kiva Rose Hardin, Phyllis Light,  Susun Weed, Dara Saville, Jim McDonald, Dara Saville, Thomas Easley, Jesse Wolf Hardin, Robin Rose Bennett, David Hoffmann, Juliet Blankespoor, Sean Donahue, Shana Lipner Grover, Marija Helt, & so very many more!

We invite you to join the Plant Healer community, with a quarterly subscription to this quarterly journal of the new folk herbalism resurgence.  Plant Healer Magazine is a downloadable, lavishly illustrated, full color PDF magazine with over 260 pages of articles, art and photography per issue.  It is dedicated to the further informing, inspiring and empowering of all you practicing herbalists and advanced herbal teachers, eager students and impassioned beginners, conservationists and activists, informal community healers, divergent fringe dweller, culture shifters, and unrepentant lovers of plants.  Plant Healer combines the latest cutting-edge scientific research with heartful experience, history, pleasures and lore – personal stories that inspire, and practical skills that enable.  Imagine mating a massive clinical journal with a lushly edgy arts and culture magazine, and what you get is Plant Healer.  There’s never been anything else like it, nor will there ever be.

Departments & Topics Include:

Therapeutics • Plant Profiles • Creating an Herbal Livelihood • Energetics & Constitutions • Tools & Tips for Herbalists • Radical Herbalism, Access & Justice • Field Botany • Historic Herbal Traditions • Curanderas & Medicine Women • Medical Cannabis & Entheogens • Plant Mythos & Folklore • Cultivation • Medicine Making • Ethical Wildcrafting & ReWilding •The Herbalist Mother • Articles For Kids • Plant Conservation • Interviews • Herbalist Art & Culture

“Amazingly beautiful, possibly the most attractive journal I have ever had the pleasure to view. Blessings!”
–David Winston (Center for Herbalist Studies)

“Absolutely fantastic... nothing like it anywhere!”
–Phyllis Hogan (Winter Sun)

“As a folk herbalist I find myself seeking to articulate this craft, this art, this inherited tradition to others, in different contexts, and it is not always easy. This writing gives me strength and hope and validates those of us in the margins of hierarchal herbalism, equalizing the community.”
–Sandra Lory (Mandala Botanicals) 


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