2017 Good Medicine Confluence Essay EBOOK, Vol. II


2017 Good Medicine Confluence
Class Essays Book
Part II of II


Authored by The Teachers of Plant Healer’s Annual Event
The Good Medicine Confluence
Edited by Kiva Rose Hardin • Layout & Design by Jesse Wolf Hardin
278 pages – Color Illustrations – PDF Ebook – $29


Presenting a 2-Volume set of inspiring, in-depth Class Essays, written by our compelling Plant Healer teachers to augment their diverse courses taught at the 2017 Good Medicine Confluence in Durango, Colorado. 

Many of these pieces will also appear, heavily illustrated, in future issues of Plant Healer Magazine and upcoming Plant Healer compilation books, but they can be found in their entirety only in this Ebook set.

Our contributing teachers offer a wide range perspectives, experiences, and practices, with a diverse range of topics from clinical skills and materia medica, to the traditional uses of entheogens, cultivation, herbal beers, and radical herbalism!

We sincerely hope you will find these two Ebooks of use on your individual paths of helping and healing, and look forward to joining with you for future Good Medicine gatherings.

The full contents of Part II follows.


Part II – Table of Contents

Running a Successful Retail Apothecary & Clinic Sarah Josey

Radical Empowerment Debbie Krause

Out on a Limb: Cannabis as The Tree of Life Brigitte Mars

Get Off Your Grass: & Create an Edible Lawn Brigitte Mars

From Seed to Seed Kat MacKinnon

Sanguine Temperament: Inspired Action Jim McDonald

Ow! My Fucking Back!: Using Herbs for Back & Joint Pain Jim McDonald

Gut Healing Teas Jim McDonald

Absinthe & Other Botanical Spirits: Lore, Muse, Method Dave Meesters

Psychedelic Experience in Healing, Psychotherapy, Spirituality Kenneth Proefrock

Ten Essential Oils: Plants, & Human Consciousness Kenneth Proefrock

Deconstructing The Placebo Response in Healing Kenneth Proefrock

Life in the Bush of Ghosts: Wildcrafted Spirituality in the S.W. Kenneth Proefrock

How to Afford Herb School: Community & Creativity Missy Rohs

Drought & The Future of Medicinal Plants Dara Saville

River Restoration & Hope For Medicinal Plants Dara Saville

Pedicularis: Community Coordinator & Facilitator of Change Dara Savile

Distilling Hydrosols For Home & Apothecary Use Ash Sierra

Minding Your Pink Parts: Genital Care & Attention Jen Stovall

Herbal Healing For Wee Folks Debra Swanson

Waking Up From Psychiatric Drugs Angie True

Thyroid: At The Juncture Between Self & World Angie True

Transgender Therapeutics Alanna Whitney

Fertility For Everyone Else: How to Get Pregnant Like a Lesbian Alanna Whitney

Bodyworker Herbs, Oils, & Toils Briana Wiles

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