2017 Good Medicine Confluence Essay EBOOK, Vol. I


2017 Good Medicine Confluence
Class Essays Book
Part I of II


Authored by The Teachers of Plant Healer’s Annual Event

The Good Medicine Confluence
Edited by Kiva Rose Hardin • Layout & Design by Jesse Wolf Hardin
264 pages – Color Illustrations – PDF Ebook – $29


Presenting a 2-Volume set of inspiring, in-depth Class Essays, written by our compelling Plant Healer teachers to augment their diverse courses taught at the 2017 Good Medicine Confluence in Durango, Colorado. 

Many of these pieces will also appear, heavily illustrated, in future issues of Plant Healer Magazine and upcoming Plant Healer compilation books, but they can be found in their entirety only in this Ebook set.

Our contributing teachers offer a wide range perspectives, experiences, and practices, with a diverse range of topics from clinical skills and materia medica, to the traditional uses of entheogens, cultivation, herbal beers, and radical herbalism!

We sincerely hope you will find these two Ebooks of use on your individual paths of helping and healing, and look forward to joining with you for future Good Medicine gatherings.

The full contents of Part I follows.


Part I – Table of Contents

Legal & Legally Transitioning Plants For Enhancing Consciousness Sarah Baldwin

Comparative Materia Medica Paul Bergner

A New Look at an Old Devil: The Risks & Benefits of Coffee Paul Bergner

Locavore Herbalism: Sourcing Locally, & Why Natasha Clarke

Tree Medicine Natasha Clarke

The Language of Lymph Betsy Costilo-Miller

Shifting Our Story: Treating Dysmorphia & Eating Disorders Betsy Costilo-Miller

Herbal Wines: : Let Thy Drink Be Thy Medicine Elias Davis

Herbal Beers: A Drink For Herbal Communion Elias Davis

Herbs For The Chronic Stress of Oppression Sean Donahue

Tryptamines: Human & Wild Sean Donahue

Working With Spirit: An Indigenous Medicine Sharing Tiffany Freeman

Traditional Teachings on Sacred Tobacco Tiffany Freeman

Cannabis Tincture 1800s Style Lisa Ganora

Fermentation Penney Garrett

Herbal Cocktails Penney Garrett

Evoking The Plant Spirit of Cacao Through The Paintbrush Amy Glasser

Herbal Smoke: History, Energetics, & Formulation Shana Lipner Grover

Wildcrafting as Stewardship Shana Lipner Grover

& Dara Saville

ReWilding: Empowering & Enlivening Ourselves & Our Practice Jesse Wolf Hardin

ReEnchantment: Magical Perspective & Passions of Our Practice Jesse Wolf Hardin

Plant & Fungi Friends of S.W. Colorado Marija Helt

My Favorite Osha Substitutes Marija Helt

Medicinal Mushroomery in the Southern Rockies Marija Helt

Emotional Perfumery Marija Helt

Being the Bean Feasa: Women As Keepers Of Knowledge Stephany Hoffelt

Sexual Flavors Sheri Hupfer

Nomadic Herbalist: Joys & Struggles of a Traveling Apothecary Sheri Hupfer

Pulsatila Patens: An Intoxicating Dream Sheri Hupfer

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