2012 Herbal Resurgence Conference EBook


For those of you who missed out on attending the 2012 Herbal Resurgence Rendezvous in Arizona, we're now offering a special combined Class Notes and Event Book in pdf form, 230 pages of priceless herbal information from a majority of last year’s Resurgence teachers.

We’ve included much of the Event Book that was handed out to participants, with information on the site’s history and plant diversity to give you a feel for the gathering, along with awesome herbal info and tips including:


Table of Contents

7Song: The Herbalist Street Medic

7Song: Patient Compliance For The Practicing Herbalist

Paul Bergner: Sitting With a Plant

Paul Bergner: Sitting With a Patient

Howie Brounstein & Kristi Reese: Safety & Drop Dosage

Howie Brounstein: Herbal Neurology: Seizure Disorders

Bevin Clare: Making A Living As An Herbalist

Bevin Clare: Training The Herbal Clinician

Sean Donahue: Healing Through The Veil

Rosalee de la Forêt: Creating An Herbal Free Clinic

Lisa Ganora: Wolf Chemistry – Organoleptics

Lisa Ganora: Extracting Herbs With Honey

Charles “Doc” Garcia: Pain

Charles “Doc” Garcia: Death & Dying

Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose Hardin: Bioregional Herbalism

Kathleen Maier: Heart As An Organ of Perception

Kathleen Maier: The Endocrine System & The Chakras

Jim McDonald with Kiva Rose: Creating a Personal & Dynamic Practice

Jim McDonald: Energetics & Aphrodisiacs

Tania Neubauer: Tales From The Front Line

Tania Neubauer: Successful Models For Community Health Clinics

Christa Sinadinos: Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Christa Sinadinos: Herbal Treatments For Hypothyroidism

Katja Swift: Working With Chronic Illness

Nicole Telkes: Herbal First Response

Nicole Telkes: Weedcrafting

Jane Valencia: Wildchild Learning

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