2011 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference Class Notes EBook


178 pages of class notes from the 2011 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference held in New Mexico.


Class Notes Included: 

7 Song: The Art of Formulation

Robin Rose Bennett: My Ally, The Elder

Robin Rose Bennett: Women’s Self Care For Sexual and Reproductive Health

Paul Bergner: How To Become A Master Herbalist In 30 Years Or More 

Paul Bergner: Herbs For The Spiritual Heart

Juliet Blankespoor: Growing At Risk Medicinal Plants

Juliet Blankespoor: Phytoestrogens Demystified

Howie Brounstein and Kristi Reese: Understanding and Treating Adrenalin Stres 

Kristine Brown: How To Teach Kids To Use Herbs

Larken Bunce: The 5 Phases

Bevin Clare: Intake, Interview & Assessment

Rosalee de la Foret: Detecting False Heat

Sean Donahue: Plants For The Underworld Journey

Sean Donahue: Herbs For Asthma

Ryan Drum: Rural Pathology, Rural Herbs

Ryan Drum: Seaweed Solutions

Margi Flint: Living With Cancer

Lisa Ganora: Traditional Cannabis Medicines

Lisa Ganora: Herbal Constituents

Charles “Doc” Garcis: California Curanderismo

Charles “Doc” Garcia: Guerrilla Herbalism

Jesse Wolf Hardin: The Wild Herbalist

Kiva Rose Hardin: The Medicine Woman’s Roots

Phyllis Hogan: The 4th Sister Was Wild

Kathleen Maier: Entheogens and The Dying Process

Jim McDonald: Humoural Treatments

Jim McDonald: Teaching Herbcraft

CoreyPine Shane: Getting Specific With Pain

Christa Sinadinos: Constitutional Treatment of The Digestive System

Katja Swift: Plantain For Kids

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