Plant Healer Quarterly


Plant Healer Quarterly is not just a digital herbal magazine, it is a journey into the secrets and delights, traditions and practices, skills and roles of a plant-enlivened world –an alternative world for alternative healers, a world of deep beauty and endless wonderments!
This journey unfolds through the medium of a lavishly illustrated, full color, over 200 pages long gathering of articles, art, and photos coming your way every 3 months – dedicated to the further informing, inspiring, equipping, empowering and delighting of of all you community herbalists and herbal consumers, ardent beginners and advanced practitioners, family caregivers, culture-shifters, and impassioned lovers of plants. 
Plant Healer Quarterly combines the latest cutting-edge science with practical folky skills that enable, like the mating an in-depth clinical journal with an arts, culture, and lifestyle publication.
In the face of current social distress, ecological disruption, and pandemics such as the Coronavirus, the role of medicinal herbs and the work of the folk healer is ever more essential, and your personal contribution is more needed more than ever!



Departments & Topics Include:
Detailed Herbal Profiles • HomeMedicine Making • Plant Identification
Assessment & Dosage • Energetics • Creating an Herbal Livelihood
Cannabis & Entheogens • Plant Mythos & Folklore • Ancestral Healing Traditions
Mushrooms • Cultivation • Beer Brewing & Distillation • Therapeutics • Post-Disaster Healthcare • Making Artisanal Products • Plant Art


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Plant Healer Quarterly Authors Include:

Kenneth Proefrock,Kiva Rose Hardin, Jenny Solidago Mansell, Phyllis Light, Juliette Abigail Carr, Lisa GanoraLeslie Lekos, Guido Masé, Dara Saville, Jim McDonald,  David Hoffmann, Marija Helt, Peter McCoy, Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Bergner, Jesse Wolf Hardin,  Shana Lipner Glover, Becky Beyer, Kristin Henningsen, Dave Meesters, Jereme Zimmerman, Janet Kent, Matthew Wood, Kat MacKinnon, Heather Irvine, Tiffany Freeman, Laurie Quesinberry, Jereme Zimmerman, Brigit Anna McNeill, Heather Wood Buzzard, Dani Otteson,  Warren Kistenbroker, Sean Croke, & many dozens more!

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