The Hedge Oracle

Welcome to the liminal Hedge, and into its Seeker’s Guild.  The curtain parts, revealing myriad secretive hedgeways leading to that enchanted forest where you yourself play a central role.  In periods of great challenge & unpredictable change, the tales herein can contribute to an understanding of our true selves and the myriad options on our paths.

The Hedge Guild Oracle deck and book are an inspiring animist augur and myth hearted tool conceived and created by the founders of Plant Healer Quarterly and Good Medicine Confluence events. 

The Hedge Guild Oracle Deck features 60 images drawn by Jesse Wolf Hardin, the author of over 25 books about animism, nature, and the art of herbalism, as well as the author of the readings sections and many of the folkloric entrees in the .Oracle’s Companion book.  The Oracle was conceived by his wife and partner Kiva Rose Hardin, author of The Weedwife’s Remedy.  Here she enchants us as she recounts the usable as well as mythic dimensions of each perception-bending creature, iconic tree and healing herb.

The 3 Arcana are:

  • Hedge Guild Arcana (animist archetypes)
  • Fauna Arcana (animals)
  • Flora Arcana (herbs and trees)

The Seeker, The Seer, The Shire Folk, The Dancer, The Wildling.  The Fox, The Hummingbird, The Stag, The Honey Bee.  The Yarrow, The Bramble, The Magic Mushroom, The Oak – these are just a very few of the guides you will find on these cards, glad to assist you on your journey, and to teach you many things from connection to protection.  Depending on what you are going through when you draw from the cards, they will have different meanings to imply and different suggestions to make. 

The Hedge Guild Otherworld Oracle Deck may be aesthetically attractive to you, but it is much more than a fanciful and intriguing imaginarium.  There is power in something that casts bright moonlight on the ways in which we are able, magical and called, in a volume that helps us further define our roles and missions, that insists we can be the conscious coauthors of the saga and faery tale that is our potentially miraculous lives. 

The Hedge Guild Otherworld Oracle Companion book features the descriptions, animal folklore, medicinal plant uses, & archetypal mythology of each of the animist archetypes of the 60 Hedge cards, along with sections suggesting how to read, interpret, and apply them to your current situation, quandaries and options.  

These inspired tales of the Hedge can help clarify the elements, factors, lessons and  practical aids, potential consequences & outcomes to be found in any context or situation that we might encounter.  They help equip us with what we personally need in order to make those choices that serve us best, empowering us to move forward with awareness & in wholeness through our personal purpose and story, in our own currently epic times.

Join us now in peering through the hedge foliage not just to fresh new adventures, meanings and implications, but to a revealing of our true forms.  Magical beings, and magical new ways of being.  Wildly inspiring new visions and manifestations, deep satisfaction & unbridled revelry!

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