PHM Back Issue Winter 2016-2017 (Ebook)

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Table of Contents
From Vol.VII #I - PHM 25
Winter 2016/17



The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders Jesse Wolf Hardin
Binary Disease: Treating Polarization With Diversity & Kindness Protocol

The Herbal Rebel: Vitalist Teachings & Radical Thinking Paul Bergner
Questioning Our Teachers

Mountain Medicine: Traditional Healing Folkways Phyllis Light
Herbs For Men’s Health

Good Medicine Confluence
Plant & Fungi Friends in The San Juan Mountains Marija Helt

Plant Healer Art
The Art of Plant Fossils

Of Wilderness & Gardens Dara Saville
Saxifrage & Orchid

The Enchanted Healer Jesse Wolf Hardin
The Portal

Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation       Shana Lipner Grover

Materia Medica
Solanaceae: A Monograph of Nightshade Medicine Sarah Anne Lawless

Tools & Tips
Starting & Operating an Herbal Product Business Rebecca Altman

Seeing Folks
Hygiene & Sanitation in a Field Environment Sam Coffman
Herbs For Abortion & Miscarriage Care Julie James  

Radical Herbalism 
Herbalism in an Age of Mass Extinction Janet Kent

Foundational Herbcraft Jim McDonald

Integrating Science & Tradition Thomas Easley
The Gut – Part II: Addressing The Stress Response

Intersections & Crossroads                     Sean Donahue
Fire in The Head – Part II: Cooling

A Distillation: Recipes & Formulas
Basic & Advanced Medicine Making Concepts – Part I Sam Coffman

The Herbalist Mother: Pregnancy To Childcare
Herbs For Fear Sabrina Lutes

Family Adventures in Herbalism
Made by a Child’s Hands: Herbal Gift Giving From The Heart Angela Justis

Wise Woman Ways: Susun Weed’s Medicine Wheel Susun S Weed
Harvesting Sustainably: Part I

Foraging Matters Wendy “Butter” Petty
Adapting Recipes For Wild Foods

Plant Healer Interviews: Conversations & Investigations Jesse Wolf Hardin
Rosemary Gladstar


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