PHM Back Issue Autumn 2019 (Ebook)

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From Vol.IX #III

Fall 2019

Introduction & Announcements

The Healing Journey: Explorations & Meanders     Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Art of Purposeful Sharing

Part II: Attainable Teaching Assets, Impediments, & Aids


Tales of The Enchanter     Kiva Rose Hardin

Taught by Thorns, Mapped by Scars: Hawthorn to Restore the Mind,

Protect The Spirit, & Heal The Heart

Psyche & Substance: Plant Medicine in The Bush of Ghosts     Kenneth Proefrock

Relating Heart & Lung Sounds to Specific Herbal Remedies

in The Eclectic Tradition, Part I: History of Auscultation

& Use of The Stethoscope


Of Wilderness & Gardens Dara Saville

Herbal Tales Connecting The Old World & The American West - Part III

Botanica: Plant Identification, Actions & Conservation             Shana Lipner Grover

Plant Walk Through The Chaparral

Materia Medica

Corrigents For Cannabis: Botanical & Other Interventions Sean Croke

Fungi & Friends Marija Helt

Adventures With Cannabis Endophytes

Resources for Herbalists

Seeing Folks

Growing Your Herbal Business Traci Donat

Assessing & Treating The Young Briana Wiles w/Holly Torgeson


Heart & Hearth: Radical Family Herbalism               Juliette Abigail Carr

Materia Medica For Toddlers & Small Children

A Distillation: Recipes & Formulas

Sweet Remedies: Dani Otteson

An Herbalist’s Guide to Glycerin in Medicine Making

True Food Beauty Kitchen Lisa Valantine

Health in Seasonal Transition: Late Summer Into Fall

Fermentation, Fun & Folklore         Jereme Zimmerman

Yarrow: The Devil’s Plaything

The Traveling Medicine Show Jesse Wolf Hardin

Lydia Pinkham

The Grandmother of Herbal Medicine Marketing

Contributor Bios & Contact Info

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