Home Medicine Making: Kitchen Remedies for Village Herbalists EBOOK


Home Medicine Making
Kitchen Remedies for Village Herbalists

Compiled by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Hardin
From the pages of Plant Healer Quarterly

215 pages 8x11”
$19 Ebook Full-Color

Presenting to you another Plant Healer Quarterly compilation book, consisting of heavily illustrated pages pulled directly from that much loved journal.  As usual, the following inspiring chapters are a gift to everyone with an interest in healing and a love for medicinal plants – this time focused on basic as well as advanced information and skills needed for making your own tinctures, oils and salves, hydrosols, oxymels, smoking herbs and more.  Included as well are important and compelling discussions about herbal selection criteria, herbal constituents, chromatography, methods for herbal provings, and herbal formulation. 

You can do it.  Whether you are an accomplished herbal practitioner, or a newbie looking for more natural and less harmful ways of caring for the health of yourself and your family, with this book you have the considerations and techniques for making the medicines you desire in your kitchen or shed, right there where you are most comfortable: at home.

As you know, you can buy everything from quality crafted tinctures to questionable herbal capsules even in chain grocery stores, but the most dependably effective medicines will often be those you have made yourself.  This way you can be more certain as to where the plants were sourced from and how quality and ethical they are, you can use fresh as well as dried plant matter, you can ensure the processes are done correctly, and you can orchestrate formulations specific to clients and conditions.  It increases your capacity to provide care even in times of social or economic distress, and helps deepen understanding of and intimacy with the plants that can heal us.

The authors of Home Medicine Making are not only beloved Plant Healer contributors but also some of the most valued of herbalist teachers, including David Hoffman, Christa Sinadinos, Juliette Carr, Lisa Ganora, 7Song, Phyllis Light, Lori Roop, Shana Grover, Dani Otteson, Corinne Boyer, Kat Mackinnon, Catherine Skipper, Kiva Rose Hardin and more!


Jesse Wolf Hardin   Preface       2

Kiva Rose Hardin   An Ancestral Art: The Medicine of Hearth & Home       5

Robin Rose Bennett   Everything is Medicine: Common Foods, Honeys Vinegars       8

Lisa Ganora             Herbal Constituents             15

David Hoffmann Selection Criteria             29

Katherine Mackinnon   Learn Your Herbs From The Inside Out:      38
The Art of Herbal Provings

Kiva Rose Hardin Art of Discernment:     43
Specificity & Precision in Selecting Herbs

Bill Georgian Chromatography for Herbalists     48

Phyllis Light             The Signature of Simpling           52

Juliette Carr The Art of Formulation   59    
7Song             Formulation Guidelines         66

Sam Coffman Basic & Advanced Medicine Making Techniques – Part I         77

Sam Coffman Basic & Advanced Medicine Making Techniques – Part II   84

Maria Noel Groves Done in a Day:   91
Advanced Medicine Making For The Time-Crunched

Lori Roop Tincture This!: Alcohol Extractions by Maceration 101

Lisa Ganora           Cannabis Tincture 1800s Style       113

Leslie Lekos Plant Distillation For Hydrosol & Essentials 123

Catherine Skipper Home Distilling: Making & Using Hydrosols 130

Ash Sierra Hydrosols: The Essential Water 136
Christa Sinadinos Medicine Oils & Salves 147

Corinne Boyer Old Time Unguents:       152
Using Animal Fats to Extract Plants

Lori Roop The Skin Microbiome & Herbal Cleansing Oils 159

Shana Lipner Grover         Herbal Smoke:       173
History, Energetics, & Formulation

Kiva Rose Hardin Rose Vinegar: My Favorite Sunburn Soother       178

Christa Sinadinos Herbal Honey Preparation       181

Lisa Ganora Extracting Herbs With Honey       186

Dani Otteson Sweet Remedies:       188
An Herbalist’s Guide to Glycerine

Dani Otteson Oxymels & Succi:       195
Expanding The Medicine Maker’s Cabinet

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