Herbal Clinician III: Inflammation, Immune, Structural, & Gut Therapeutics EBOOK


Herbal Clinician III

Inflammation, Immune, Structural & Gut Therapeutics

by the  astute Herbalist Contributors to Plant Healer Quarterly

Jesse Wolf & Kiva Rose Hardin, Editors

277 pages

We present to you here the 3rd in a series of Herbal Clinician compilation books filled with the understandings, tools and skills needed for an effective practice.  This value of this advanced material is in no way limited to those working professionally in clinics, however.  These are, rather, intended for everyone intent on learning about the uses of medicinal plants to treat various conditions even if you’re simply a family care provider or an informal community practitioner.

In Herbal Clinician III, that includes in-depth pieces on inflammatory, structural, and gut therapeutics from a decidedly herbalist perspective.

The authors of this volume are some of the most respected folks in the field, including:

Matthew Wood, Thomas Easley, Guido Masé, Jim McDonald, Christa Sinadinos, Betsy Miller,

and Dr. Kenneth Proefrock. 

Their contributions are not only lengthy and deeply considered, but also personal, evocative, experiential, and often utterly profound.

The attention given to photos, art and layout, intended to balance the wealth of facts and ideas with a botanical feast for the eyes  It is our hope that you will not only find this work inspiring and empowering, enabling your healing practice… but that you will also enjoy every page of the reading, like steps along the way.

Herbal Clinician III


Preface Jesse Wolf Hardin 2

Basic Inflammation Protocol Thomas Easley 4

Anti-Inflammatories: Secondary Actions Jim McDonald     15

Talking To Fire: Botanical Immunomodulation Guido Masé     23

Lymph Immune System – Part I Matthew Wood     32

Lymph Immune System – Part II Matthew Wood     41

Lymph Immune System – Part III Matthew Wood     52

Lymph Immune System – Part IV: Damp/Relaxation Matthew Wood     61

Lymph Immune System – Part V: Toxic/Stagnation Matthew Wood     67

Lymph Immune System – Part VI: Cold/Depression Matthew Wood     75

The Language of Lymph       Betsy Costilo-Miller     86

Vagus Nerve       Betsy Costilo-Miller     92

Constitutional Treatment of The Digestive System       Christa Sinadinos     98

The Gut: Part I – The Digestive System Thomas Easley     114

The Gut: Part II – Addressing The Stress Response Thomas Easley     127

Gut Healing Teas           Jim McDonald     136

Heartburn & Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease Jim McDonald     149

Fascia & Physical Reality: Fibromyalgia, CRPS, & Arthritis         Kenneth Proefrock       159

Ow, My Fucking Back!: Using Herbs for Back & Joint Pain Jim McDonald     194

Botanical Liniments, Salves, Oils & Creams Kenneth Proefrock     218

Iodine – Part I: A Force of Nature & Evolution       Matthew Wood     237

Iodine – Part II: Properties & Effects       Matthew Wood     250

Iodine – Part III: Iodine & Organ Systems       Matthew Wood     258

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