The Herbal Clinician II: Approaches, Assessment, & Skills EBOOK


Herbal Clinician II
Approaches, Assessment, & Skills
Compiled by the Editors of
Plant Healer Quarterly
300 Pages – 8.5x11
$19 Full Color Ebook

For the many years Plant Healer Quarterly has been published, our mission has been to inform, equip and empower a more naturally healthful world, including providing the fundamental skills and tools needed for developing the most effective medicinal herb practice possible. 

To this end, we have compiled a series of books for clinical practitioners and all those intending to treat their selves and others with botanicals, beginning with the huge first Herbal Clinician (Volume I), and including this 2nd volume and subsequent titles.

Compiled here are an additional 33 original articles drawn from Plant Healer Quarterly issues and Class Essays ebooks, authored by 20 of the most insightful and compelling writers ever in the field of herbalism.


Herbal Clinician II has been organized into three sections, covering:

Intake insights and protocol, placebos, success criteria, marginalized populations, integrating herbalism into the conventional medical system, and the intersection of nursing and plant medicine
Sensory explorations, energetics, constitutional and humoral approaches, tongue assessment, and condition evaluation
Essential science for herbalists, minimizing bias, red flag symptoms, blood work, lab values, herbal constituents, dosage, herb/drug interactions, contraindications, and patient compliance.


I Approaches

Jim McDonald     Putting Ideas Into Practice

Paul Bergner Sitting With a Patient

Bevin Clare Intake, Interview, & Assessment

Paul Bergner     Getting The Story Right

Paul Bergner-     The Art-of-Followup

Paul Bergner     Critical Intuition: Projection vs Intuition

Paul Bergner     Placebo

Paul Bergner       Becoming a Master Herbalist in 30 Years or More

Christophe Bernard     Tools For The Clinic: Success Criteria & Journaling

Ryan Drum       Rural Pathology, Rural Herbs 

Alanna Whitney     Transgender Competency for Herbalists

7Song     Integrating Herbal Medicine Into The Current System

Wendy Hounsel     Bridge-Walking: Nursing & Herbalism Intersecting


II Assessments

Rachel Berndt Sensory Exploration of Actions, Energetics & Tastes

Lisa Ganora     Organo-EnergetiLeptics

Kiva Rose Hardin     Elemental Energetics

Kristin Henningsen Constitutional Assessment Through a Global Lens

Kristin Henningsen Patterns of Discontent: Stagnation & Support

Jim McDonald Humoural Assessment & Treatments

Larken Bunce     Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists

Shana Lipner Grover     Michael Moore’s Constitutional Physiology

Shana Lipner Grover     Liver Excess & Deficiency


III Skills


Paul Bergner     Functional Scientific Literacy - Part I

Paul Bergner     Functional Scientific Literacy - Part II:

Confirmation Bias & Selective Citation

Ingrid Bauer Red Flags For Herbalists

Thomas Easley     Blood Work

Wendy Hounsel     Lab Values for Herbalists

Lisa Ganora     Herbal Constituents

Thomas Easley     Dosage Strategies: Historic & Contemporary

Phyllis Light     Herb/Drug Interactions

Lisa Ganora     Herb/Drug Interactions

Juliette Carr       Contraindications

7Song       Patient Compliance For The Clinician


We are proud to offer you Herbal Clinician II – will the hope it will fuel and further both your current and future good works!


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