Folk Herbalist: Traditional Practice, Plant Folklore, Kitchen Medicine & Community Herbalism EBOOK

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Traditional Practice, Plant Folklore, Kitchen Medicine & Community Herbalism

63 Inspiring & Informative Chapters by 39 Plant Healer Quarterly Contributors

554 pages - 8.5x11”


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On the heels of volumes covering practitioner skills and medicinal plant profiles, we bring to you a compilation of writings enlivening the many aspects of Folk Herbalism – from profiling traditional practices around the world, to humble but effective kitchen herbalism, self empowered practice and serving the community, planting your roots and personally blossoming!

Humanity across the globe has always made use of botanical medicines.  While not a comprehensive representation of every country or culture’s healing traditions, Folk Herbalist chapters shine a light on the great panoply of regional practices and the sensibilities, mythologies and tales that bring their herbs’ uses, spirits and magic to life for us.

Each chapter appears as it did in the esteemed periodical Plant Healer Quarterly, lavishly illustrated with instructive photos and inspiring artwork in black and white in the softbound copy, and vibrant color in the Ebook version.  Thirty-nine different herbalist authors share here not only their knowledge, experience, and perspectives, but also their excitement and passion for these subjects and the amazing plants themselves.  Together they tell the stories of these herbs, from their historic and folkloric roots to the ways in which the continue to connect us and inform and propel our work.

Peruse the book contents below, and then, if you like, grasp and turn its pages, and delight in the way in which the plants’ healing story is also your own….

Folk Herbalist


Foreword Corinne Boyer

You, The Folk Herbalist Jesse Wolf Hardin

Sap & Blood: Folk Herbalism & The Roots of The Hedgewise   Kiva Rose Hardin

Part I

Traditional Practice & Plant Folklore

Folk Herbalism is….   Phyllis Light

My Journey Into Folk Herbalism   Jenny Solidago Mansell

Seed & Story, Plants and Poetry                 Heather Wood Buzzard

For The Love of Plant Lore: Elder Tree in The Courtyard       Corinne Boyer

The Woodland Within                   Asia Suler

A Ballad of Brambles: On Herbs & Faery Stories       Kiva Rose Hardin

The Story of Us: Vital Storytelling & The Southern Tradition       Phyllis Light

The Migrations of Plants & People   Erika Larsen

Traditional Healing in a Modern Context       Stephany Hoffelt

Working With Spirit: An Indigenous Medicine Sharing         Tiffany Freeman

Traditional Teachings on Sacred Tobacco                   Tiffany Freeman

Corazón a Corazón: Exploring Traditional Models of Practice       Kiva Rose Hardin

The Curandera of Auza-Navarra: Maria Diez (1900-1990)       Javier Alvar Caperochipi

Doña Olga Ruiz: La Yerbera Pajarera        John Slattery

Our Lady of Guadalupe       Kiva Rose Hardin

Medieval Remedies                 Dani Otteson

Traditional European Medicine: Herbal Astrology   Jon Keyes

Ukrainian Folk Healing Practices Dionne Jennings

Centuries of Traditional Medicine in Hungary   Peter Babulka

An Introduction to Historic AngloSaxon Herbals & Herbalism Kiva Rose Hardin

The Old English Herbals: Anglo-Saxon Plant Medicine             Eleanour Sinclair Rohde

Community Healers in Ancient Ireland Stephany Hoffelt

Practical Herbalism & The Scottish Tradition Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir

One Cool Snake: Our Chthonic Origins Virginia Adi

Samuel Thomson: Early New England Root Doctor Sean Donahue

Just Tryin’ to Give Ease: Tommie Bass Phyllis Light

Appalachian Poison Plants: Healing Powers of The Poison Path Becky Beyer

GreenTales Jenny Solidago Mansell

Heather Folklore    Stephany Hoffelt

Stories of The Silvani: Plant Spirits of The Dolomites   Guido Masé

Being the Bean Feasa: Keepers Of Knowledge   Stephany Hoffelt

Witches & Wise Ones           Amber Hill & Milla Prince

Part II

Kitchen Medicine

Weedwifery: Of Vulgar Plants, Feral Hearts, & Rogue Healers Kiva Rose Hardin

Principles of Home Herbalism   Juliette Abigail Carr

Domestic Medicine: Self Care Practices in The Home                     Stephanie Hoffelt

The Magic & Ritual in Home Tasks & “Women’s Work”             Adrie Rose

Wild Apothecary: A Basic, Sustainable Materia Medica   Jenny Solidago Mansell

Kitchen Remedies: Making Do With What You’ve Got   Phyllis Light

Appalachian Herbal Tonics                   Becky Beyer

Porridge, Panacea, & Scottish Culture: Oats as Food & Medicine  Jenny Solidago Mansell

Part III

Community Herbalism

Communis: Options For Community   Jesse Wolf Hardin

Herbal Medicine & The Meeting of The Worlds   Lisa Fazio Ferguson

Towards an Unsupervised Grassroots Herbalism Dave Meesters

Spearheading Culture Change With Plant Traditions   Renee Davis

In Praise of Community Herbalism   Paul Bergner

A Geography of Health   Phyllis Light

Ragged Edges: Building The Plant/Human Community Agatha Noveille

Part IV


Finding Your Place   Phyllis Light

Medicine of The Land Asia Suler

Listening to Trees   Cathy Skipper

On Behalf of Plants: Herbal Restoration as Activism Dara Saville

Reforesting The City   Michelle Czolba

Urban Wildcrafting Julie James

A Day in The Life of a Wildcrafter Heather Wood Buzzard

Wildcrafting as Conservation       Dara Saville & Shana Lipner Grover

Mutually Beneficial Wildcrafting Sean Croke

Botanical Sanctuary   Juliette Abigail Carr

Wild & Weedy   Phyllis Light

A Spiral of Twining Green: My Journey Back to Enchantment Kiva Rose Hardin

My Green Mantle: Reclaiming The Magic & Medicine Kiva Rose Hardin

The Wild Herbalist   Jesse Wolf Hardin

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