Nourishing Foods: Healing Plants, Traditional Cooking, Wildcrafting, & The Art of Enjoying EBOOK

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Nourishing Foods
Healing Plants, Traditional Cooking,
Wildcrafting, & The Art of Enjoying

by Jesse Wolf Hardin
& 18 Plant Healer Quarterly Authors

405 pages 8.5x11”
$29 Color Ebook

Nourishing Foods is a compilation of articles first published in the digital periodical Plant Healer Quarterly.  Brought together here are themes of:

• Food as medicine
• Incorporating medicinal herbs and tinctures into recipes
• Traditional cooking
• Fermentation
• Eating healthy wild foods
• Sensory engagement
• The health benefits of taking pleasure in cooking and eating

This book does not promote regimented diets of any kind.  Instead, it seeks to inspire us to deepen our relationship with food, equipping us with information we need for selecting wide ranging wild and cultivated ingredients with the nutritive and medicinal effects desired, empowering each of us to be the artist/cook/creator of not just our meals but our life.

Author/Editor Jesse Wolf Hardin contends that both health and wellbeing benefit from the art of taking mindful pleasure in the sense-awakening act of preparing and dining, and that the healthiest entrees can also be the most flavorful and enjoyed!  I discuss with you the ages-old benefits of home cooking, feeling deserving of the time it takes to cook for oneself, crucial presence and paying attention, excitement and ardor, slowing and savoring… and what it really means to be nourished, and to nourish others.

Contributors include Jesse Wolf Hardin and 18 exemplary traditional cooks, practicing herbalists, wild foods gatherers and food historians:

Jereme Zimmerman, Samuel Thayer, Jenny Solidago Mansell, Kiva Rose Hardin, Phyllis Light,
Paul Bergner, Shana Lipner Grover, Juliet Blankespoor, Wendy “Butter” Petty, Bri Saussy,
Charles “Doc” Garcia, Mike Masek, Sarah Baldwin, Rebecca Lerner, Susan Evans,
Penney Garrett, Lisa Valantine, & Kristine Brown

We’ll hope you enjoy your Nourishing Foods.  Healthy, and ever so tasty.




Jesse Wolf Hardin Preface

Kiva Rose Hardin Introduction

First Taste

Jesse Wolf Hardin       Nourishment

Jesse Wolf Hardin A Taste of Life

The Medicine

Shana Lipner Grover Culinary Medicinals, Clinical Applications

Susan Evans The Herbal Pantry

Jenny Solidago Mansell Oats as Food & Medicine

Phyllis Light Garlic

Charles “Doc” Garcia Nettles & Pain

Wendy “Butter” Petty Culinary Uses for Tinctures & Elixirs

Juliet Blankespoor       Flavonoids: The Medicine of Colorful Foods

Juliet Blankespoor       Maple Medicinal Mushroom Concoction

Paul Bergner       The Health Benefits of Coffee

Jenny Solidago Mansell Medicinal Treats

Home & Hand

Jesse Wolf Hardin Home Cooking

Jesse Wolf Hardin By Hand

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Cook’s Books

Kiva Rose Hardin Kiva’s Favorites

Kiva Rose Hardin The Taste of Transformation:

A Taste of The Wild

Jesse Wolf Hardin Eating Wild

Sarah Baldwin Wild Foods For Wild Folks

Mike Masek Modern Day Foraging

Rebecca Lerner Urban Foraging

Wendy “Butter” Petty Advice For Novice Foragers

Juliet Blankespoor Edible Flowers

Phyllis Light Poke Salat

Bri Saussy Uses & Goodness of Prickly Pear

Samuel Thayer Discovering Stitchwort

Samuel Thayer Virginia Creeper

Samuel Thayer Kentucky Coffee-Berry

Samuel Thayer Bitternut

Samuel Thayer Water Lillies

Juliet Blankespoor Purple Dead Nettle

Jenny Solidago Mansell Nettle: Beautiful Stinger

Wendy “Butter” Petty Cattails

Wendy “Butter” Petty Hickory Dickory Dock

Wendy “Butter” Petty Spring Mustard

Wendy “Butter” Petty Wild Onions

Wendy “Butter” Petty Ditch Plums

Wendy “Butter” Petty Foods For The Field

Wendy “Butter” Petty Adapting Recipes For Wild Foods


Jesse Wolf Hardin Eye of The Beholder

Jesse Wolf Hardin An Ear For Food

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Nose Knows

Jesse Wolf Hardin Mind You Tongue

The Ferment

Penney Garrett       The What, Why & How of Home Fermentation

Lisa Valantine Alchemical Magic of Fermented Foods & Beverages

Wendy “Butter” Petty Winter Herb Pickles

Jereme Zimmerman Pickled Kraut, Beans, Relishes & Salads

Jereme Zimmerman Fermented Mushrooms & Pesto Recipes

Jereme Zimmerman Fermentation as Food Resilience in Uncertain Times

Jereme Zimmerman Apples & Cider

Jereme Zimmerman Back to Your Roots: Brewing Root & Tree Beers

Jereme Zimmerman Making Herbal Sodas


Kristin Henningsen The Fine Art of Tea Formulation

Kristine Brown Refreshing Mint

Lisa Valantine Spring

Lisa Valantine Late Summer Into Fall

Lisa Valantine Winter Wellbeing

Wendy “Butter” Petty Meditations On The Winter Pantry

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Bread of Life

Jenny Solidago Mansell Sweeten Up!

Samuel Thayer Maple Syrup

Charles “Doc” Garcia       In Memory of Mom & Molé


Jesse Wolf Hardin Ardor

Jesse Wolf Hardin The Art of Enjoying

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