A Weedwife's Remedy Illustrated EBOOK


From the Introduction:

Gentle Reader, you hold in your hands a humble volume about plants common yet often unknown, wisdom that has been handed down across countless generations, but is always halfway hidden in shadow, about a world that is only steps from most of our front doors and yet rests in the liminal spaces so easy to miss. Weeds, wayside plants, and old wives figure largely here, for we are greatly in need of their wisdom. There is much to be learned from wanderers’ tales in a time where we increasingly lock ourselves away in isolated towers and neglect the knowledge of ancestor, land, and spirit. But some weedwives still gather Nettle by the dooryard and sow Nightshade in the back garden. By the turning of the moon, they harvest and plant, garble and weave, tincture and infuse.

This book is a love letter to the Hedgewise, those folk who hold simple dirt and deep roots in one hand and the mysteries of the dreaming in the other. I wrote these words for all you witches at the edge of the wood, you hedge riders and hooded wanderers, for those serving their community through hard work and hunches that won’t be ignored. And most of all, for you who will always be unbiddable, who remain in wide-eyed wondrous love with the weeds and always seeking to pass your healing secrets to the next needing hand. Rogue healers with feral hearts that seek and serve regardless of legality, popularity, or even safety. We do this work and dream these dreams because we are called to it, and because it must be done.

A Weedwife’s Remedy is the first in a series of books meant to serve as guides and touchstones for those who consider themselves students of healing and devotees to the magic of the plants. I offer here clinical experience, personal insights, folklore, and an abiding passion for the plants that have shaped my life in this world, and opened a portal into a new one. For almost two decades I have stood witness as the herbs healed wounds, soothed spirits, and nourished at a bone deep level.... but most of all, I have watched them transform myself and the people I work with. This transformation, so simple and so necessary, is exactly what we need in these troubled times.


Table of Contents

(124 pages, 8.5x11)

  • Gathering The Hedgewise: Dirt Magic For The Weedwife 
  • Violet — Three Faces Under A Hood: The Many Aspects of Violet 
  • Yarrow — Milfoil: To Heal The Wounds, To Sing The Blood  
  • In The Weedwife’s Kitchen: Stocking The Cottage Apothecary
  • Mugwort — Tattered & Silver-Leafed: Mugwort As The Weedwife’s Talisman 
  • Goldenrod — Blue Mountain Tea: The GrannyWoman’s Golden Rod 
  • Onion — Pantry Medicine: Onion Poultices, Syrups, & Tinctures 
  • The Cartography of My Heart 
  • Oregon Grape Root — She Has The Blood of Dragons 
  • Honeysuckle — Nectar Sweet: Healing With Honeysuckle Honey 
  • In The Canyons Of The Otherworld: Mythopoetic Plant Medicine 
  • Wild Mint — Mismín Arbhair, My Love
  • Oats — Avena As Mother’s Milk: Oat As A Foundational Restorative Tonic 
  • The Tales of Old Wives: Myth, Flora, & Culture 
  • Vervain — Llysiau’r Hudol: The Enchanter’s Green 
  • Out Back In The Berry Patch: Traditional Medicinal Uses of Berries 
  • The Brambles of Summer: Making Medicine With Blackberry & Raspberry 
  • Lakebottom Luminescence: Of Pond Lilies & Patterns
  • Mullein — A Golden Torch: Mullein’s Healing Light 
  • Clematis — Mending With The Devil’s Darning Needles 
  • The Witch At The Edge of The Woods: Introversion For The Hedgewise 
  • Redroot — The Bog Witch: Redroot Dressed in Crimson & Winter’s Green 
  • Evergreens - Earth-Deep In The Cold Moons: Winter’s Trees & Remedies 
  • A Spiral of Twining Green: My Journey Back To Enchantment 
  • The Green Well: Referenced & Recommended Books 


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