21st Century Herbalists: Rock Stars, Radicals & Root Doctors (Special Limited Edition)

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Rock Stars, Radicals and Root Doctors
by Jesse Wolf Hardin
Limited Edition Hardcover:  $39
376 pages, 8.5x11” Green Cloth Hardcover with over 500 b&w photos and illustrations

This hardback limited edition of 200 will never be printed again,

the earliest Plant Healer interviews including conversations the will not appear anywhere else.

A much revised followup – Herbalist Visions & Visionaries – no longer contains many of the herbalists that were featured here, so if you are interested you should get yours while you still can.


Herbalists Appearing in This Edition Only:

Charles “Doc” Garcia • Ryan Drum • Kristine Brown • Wildman Steve Brill • Todd Caldecott  • Bevin Clare • Margi Flint • Ben Zappin • 7Song • Doug Elliott • Kevin Spelman • Sam Coffman
As Well As:
Rosemary Gladstar • David Hoffman • Susun Weed • Matthew Wood • Phyllis Light • Phyllis Hogan •Juliet Blankespoor • Kiva Rose Hardin • Jim McDonald


Read their stories, and be inspired on your own personal path of healing and practice.

Even you have been a clinician for decades, you can draw from these pages new insights, ideas and information that may benefit your work.  And even if you have limited herbal experience – or have no interest in growing, gathering, studying or administering medicinal plants yourself – you may still find that this book helps to awaken, deepen or propel your own personal life’s purpose.


Found Herein Are:

      •Herbalist’s lives & livelihoods, secrets, tools & tips

      •Previously unshared stories about these herbalists’ childhoods, education, experiences, perspectives, loves, peeves, and hopes... candid, vulnerable & unscripted!

      •Underutilized herbs, and little known uses for commonly known plants

      •Constitutional models, energetics, diagnostic methods, case study examples, treatment protocols

      •Herbal healing traditions, Making a living at herbalism, Tips on how to effectively teach

      •Talking with plants, shamanic plants, & the wounded healer

      •The cultivation of herbs, foraging & wildcrafting, plant conservation, invasives, & sense of place

      •Approaches to registration, certification, regulation and licensing... plus herbal activism

      •Diverse visions of the future of herbalism, and how to best get there

      •Inspiring and encouraging personal advice to herbalists and others

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