2016 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference Essay EBOOK


Plant Healer’s
from The Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference


EBook • 303 pages • $39

Presenting a collection of in-depth Class Essays written by a majority of our

2016 Tradition in Western Herbalism Conference, 300 pages of valuable material for every studying or practicing herbalist.  What was provided at no extra cost to all event registrants, is now available for sale to everyone who missed out on this special event atop New Mexico’s enchanted Sky-Island.

Paul Bergner • Julie Caldwell • Betsy Costilo • Thomas EasleyShana Lipner Grover • Maria Noël Groves • Julie James • Janet Kent • Sarah Lawless • Katherine “Kat” Mackinnon • Jim McDonald • Dave Meesters • Ramona Rubin • Dara Saville • Cathy Skipper • Asia Suler • Alanna Whitney • Rebecca Altman 


Table of Contents


Introduction   2

Rebecca Altman 

Starting & Sustaining a Defining Herbal Products Business   6

Paul Bergner

The Mosaic of Evidence: Herbal Legends & Critical Thinking in Medical Herbalism 18

Getting The Story Right: Interview Skills for Intakes & Followups 34

The Art of Followup: Learning From the Experiences of Your Patients & Friends 38

Julie Caldwell

Grazing, Grounding, & Plant Communication 42

Betsy Costilo

Beloved Burdock 47

Thomas Easley:

Functional Blood Work Interpretation: A simplified Approach 53

The Gut: Why You Should Know as Much About it as Humanly Possible 60

Basic Inflammation Protocol 72

Shana Lipner Grover

Liver Excess & Deficiency: From Michael Moore’s Constitutional Theory 83

Clinical Applications for Culinary Herbs  89

Maria Noël Groves:

Done In a Day: Advanced Medicine Making for the Time-Crunched Herbalist 104

Julie James:

Herbs for Abortion & Miscarriage Care 114

Janet Kent

Trouble in Mind: Tools for Differential Diagnosis & Treatment of Anxiety 121

Herbalism in an Age of Mass Extinction 130

Sarah Lawless:

Solanaceae: Nightshade Medicine 145

Katherine “Kat” Mackinnon:

The Art of the Plant Walk: Tips and Techniques for Sharing Herbal Knowledge 157

Learn Your Herbs From the Inside Out: The Art of Herbal Provings 165

Bark: Medicinal Explorations Along the Cambium Layer 174

Jim McDonald:

Adaptogens: Herbs For Climbing The Endless Cord 182

The Phlegmatic Temperament: Infused in Feeling 191

Aromatic Allies 203

Dave Meesters:

Sun Medicine/Moon Medicine: An Alchemical Approach to Balance 212

Ramona Rubin:

Exploring The Water Garden: Aquatic & Riparian Medicine 223

Dara Saville:

Herbal Activism: Conservation & Restoration 234

Ecological Herbalism 243

Cathy Skipper

Aromatic Molecules; Medicine of The Soul & TheAlchenical Journey 250

Asia Suler:

Chronic Illness as Teacher 264

Alanna Whitney:

Creating Safer Spaces: Transgender Community Competency for Herbalists 275

Contributing Teacher Bios 295


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