The Plant Healer's Path EBOOK by Jesse Wolf Hardin, Kiva Rose, & More


Ebook (pdf)- The Plant Healer’s Path is the first of two volumes by Jesse Wolf Hardin, cofounder of Plant Healer Magazine, with enchanting tales, medicinal plant profiles and favorite herbal recipes by Kiva Rose, as well as contributions by David Hoffman, Phyllis Light, Paul Bergner and more. Hardin tackles topics vital to an effective, empowered herbal practice, including many never addressed before, with suggestions for taking control of and enjoying our lives, and tips that can benefit herbalists and non-herbalists alike. Paul Bergner says“Whether just beginning or already walking the path, The Plant Healer’s Path provides a panoramic road map of the terrain – both internal and external – for any person called to healing with plants... with thought-provoking essays on the issues most important to our work,” and Phyllis Light writes that this book “does more than provide a working model of herbal practice, it also addresses our hopes, our fears and concerns as herbalists, acknowledging the differences, the uniqueness that each brings to their art, craft and science. What more could we ask for?” 302 pages, over 100 illustrations.

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