Herbal Allies & Plant Profiles EBOOK


Plant Healer’s
Herbal Allies & Plant Profiles
    (Materia Medica II)

311 pages
$19 Full Color Ebook

Presenting to you Herbal Allies & Plant Profiles, the second in Plant Healer’s materia medica series.  Each chosen chapter is excerpted directly from past issues of Plant Healer Quarterly, and are written by its diverse columnists and the inspired teachers of Plant Healer events.

There is much knowledge instrumental to being an herbalist or even simply tending your own family’s health using natural medicines, but none is more essential than deepening familiarity with the various herbs themselves.  This includes knowing how to positively identify them in the wilds, in the garden, and in the plant matter we purchase, a skill that often depends upon taste and smell as well as visual examination…. as well as understanding their active components, energetics, actions, applications and contraindications. The authors of Herbal Allies & Plant Profiles take a considered look, finding new or less common conditions that specific herbs seem to address, referencing the latest research as well as their own personal experiences administering preparations and recording the results. 

Not all ways of taking an herb are as effective as we’d like.  You will learn in these pages when it is optimal to use the various methods, such as teas, foods, tinctures, infusion, decoctions, steams, oils and balms.

Included also, are some loving looks at herbs’ folklore, history, habitat and preservation.  And as the book’s Foreword by Kiva Rose Hardin so well evokes, it is ultimately an herb’s experienced significance, mysteries and secrets, that draw us closer to the plant, to ourselves, and to our healing missions.  It is the intent of the authors of Herbal Allies & Plant Profiles that their work and words help bring you just that….


Materia Medica in The Age of Wonder Reborn --  Kiva Rose Hardin           4
Selection Criteria -- David Hoffmann     7
The Art of Herbal Provings   --   Kat Mackinnon   16
Weaving Patterns of Herbs   --   Juliette Carr   23
Nootropics: The New Adaptogens -- Renée Davis   30
Caffeine Herbs & Alternatives -- Ryn Midura   37
An Autistic’s Materia Medica -- Sean Donahue         55
Tree Medicine -- Natasha Clarke         63
Bark Medicine -- Kat Mackinnon         73
Aquatic & Riparian Plant Medicines -- Ramona Rubin         81
Burdock --  Betsy Costilo Miller   92
Ceanothus -- Shana Lipner Grover   98
Chickweed, Yellow Dock, & Lambsquarters -- Jenny Solidago Mansell 104
Datura -- Charles Garcia 113
Devil’s Club -- Sean Donahue 119
Evening Primrose --   Kiva Rose Hardin 126
Gentian -- Virginia Adi 135
Hawthorn  --  Guido Masé 150
Lemon Balm -- Charles Garcia 159
Magnolia -- Sabrina Lutes 163
Milkweed -- Dani Otteson 167
Oats --  Robin Rose Bennett 177
Opium Poppy --  Virginia Adi 185
Peppercorn -- Virginia Adi 204
Pulsatilla -- Sheri Hupfer       216
Purple Dead Nettle -- Juliet Blankespoor 222
Rose -- Natasha Clarke       228
Solomon's Seal --  Rachel Berndt       234
Stinging Nettle --  Charles Garcia 245
Sweet Flag --  Jim McDonald       249
Turmeric -- Virginia Adi 259
Violet --  Corinne Boyer 272
Wild Cherry -- Erin Poirier 260
Willow -- Corinne Boyer 284
Yellow Pond Lily -- Judy Lieblein 293

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