2015 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference Class Essays EBOOK


Plant Healer’s Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference
TWHC 2015 Class Essays
Kiva Rose & Jesse Wolf Hardin, Editors
Full Color Illustrated Ebook (PDF) – 427 pages! – $39
Presenting in-depth Herbal Information & Skills by the impassioned and inspiring herbalist teachers of the Herbal Resurgence: Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference:
Guido Masé • Jim McDonald • Juliet Blankespoor • Jen Stovall • Wendy Hounsel • Larken Bunce • Katja Swift • Sam Coffman • Shana Lipner Grover • Kiva Rose Hardin • Lisa Ganora • Julie James • Ramona Rubin • John Slattery • Charles “Doc” Garcia• 7Song • Sean Donahue • Asia Suler • Kiki Geary • Emily Han • Jesse Wolf Hardin
Year after year, Plant Healer Magazine has organized international educational conferences and celebrations in the enchanted Southwest, releasing teachers’ class notes after each.  In 2015 we chose to start doing things differently, producing a mammoth book not of conventional class notes and basic outlines, but rather, of amazing, lengthy, in-depth instructional essays on TWHC’s many and varied class topics including:


Introduction by Jesse Wolf Hardin



The Herbal Clinic: Questions & Considerations For Setting Up a Functioning Clinic


Rebecca Altman & Shana Lipner Grover

S.W. Plants, S.W. Constitutions: The Influence of Place on Conditions & Treatment


Juliet Blankespoor

Medicinal Trees & Shrubs

Photographing Herbs


Larken Bunce

Tongue Assessment for Western Herbalists


Sam Coffman

Wound Healing, Infection & Plant Medicine

The Herbal Street Medic


Sean Donahue

Neurodiversity: Human & Wild

Phytochemical Conversations


Lisa Ganora

Organo-Energeti-Leptics: How to Taste and Feel The Power of an Herb


Charles “Doc” Garcia

Reflections on The Poison Path


Kiki Geary

Stardust Goes Dancing: The Fire Element for Western Herbalists

Mushroom Medicine


Shana Lipner Grover

Michael Moore’s Constitutional Physiology

The Multi Faceted Nature of Ceanothus


Emily Han

Herbal Cocktails, Fermented Drinks, Bitters, Infusion & More


Jesse Wolf Hardin

The Wild Herbalist:


Kiva Rose Hardin

The Bramble & The Rose: Rose Family Medicine


Wendy Hounsel

Lab Values for Herbalists

Cervical Dysplasia & Abnormal Pap Tests: Treating Them Naturally


Julie James:

Urban Wildcrafting


Guido Masé

The Cardiovascular Exam

Plant Saponins

Healing & Magic From The Dolomite Alps


Jim McDonald

Understanding Sympathetic Stress: Fight, Light, Freak, & Freeze

Tending The Choleric Fire

Aphrodesia: Empowering Intimacy With Herbs


Ramona Rubin

The Role of Cannabis in The Herbal Healing Tradition


Dara Saville

The Joys of Being a Bioregional Herbalist

Yerba Mansa


John Slattery

Wild Edible Plants of The Sonoran Desert

The Marvels of The Malvaceae Family


Jen Stovall & Janet Kent

Herbalism as a Tool For Social Justice


Asia Suler

The Medicine of The Land


Katja Swift

Birth Control & Post Abortion: When & How Herbs Can Help

ADD & Aspergers: A New Perspective


Also available is “Traditions in Western Herbalism,” a large softbound book full of helpful Class Essays drawn from the entire first 5 years of Plant Healer events. 

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