2013 Herbal Resurgence Class Notes & Essays Book


250 Page Ebook full of Herbal Information & Inspiration

Featuring: Mathew Wood, James Snow, Kiva Rose, Phyllis Hogan, Denise Tracy Cowan, Julie Caldwell, Caroline Gagnon, Ben Zapping, Ingrid Bauer, 7Song, Jim McDonald, Mike Masek, Sam Coffman, Jessica Baker, Traci Picard, Katja Swift, Juliet Blankespoor, Kiki Geary, Sean Donahue and Feather Jones.

2013 marked the 4th year of Plant Healer events, from the original Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference through this last of the Herbal Resurgence conferences. If you were unable to attend for some reason, you can now get a taste of the spirit and content of the 2013 coming together of the wilder tribe, and benefit from the immense amount of information and inspiration found therein.


Jesse Wolf & Kiva Hardin: Our Medicine, Our Path: Finding Our Way, Carving Out a Niche

Julie Caldwell: Sentience of Place

Caroline Gagnon: You as The Central Piece of Your Medicine Kit

Caroline Gagnon: The Basics of Energetics: Resolving Deficiency & Stagnation

Kiva Rose: In The Pines: Enchantment, Pleasure & Healing From an Ancient Tree Ally

Mike Masek: Modern Day Foraging From a Hunter-Gatherer Perspective

Matthew Wood: Pulse Evaluation

Matthew Wood: Tongue Evaluation

Sam Coffman: Herbal Medicine in Remote, Post-Disaster & UnderServed Environments

Sam Coffman: Herbalism & “Good Manufacturing Practices” Regulations

7Song: Clinical Approaches to Digestive Disorders

Jessica Baker: Foundations of Chinese Medicine

Jessica Baker: Herbs Used in Both Chinese &Western Herbalism

Jessica Baker: Herbal Food Recipes

Phyllis Hogan: The Plants of Mormon Lake, Arizona

Denise Tracy Cowan & Phyllis Hogan: Beauty is Not Skin Deep: Making Herbal SkinCare Products

Ben Zappin: Cinnamon Twig & Bupleurum Formulas for Western Herbalists

Ben Zappin: When An Environment Gives You an Herb, Use It!

Feather Jones: High Desert Plants: Jewels of The Southwest

James Snow: Illness vs. Disease: Experience, Behavior & Narrative in Healing

James Snow: Towards an Approach to Physiology That’s Relevant to Herbal Medicine

Sean Donahue: Heart Medicine For Changelings

Jim McDonald & Sean Donahue: Hawthorn

Jim McDonald: Good Humour: Nervines for The Four Temperaments

Jim McDonald: Surviving Sinusitis (& Other Catarrhal Catastrophes)

Tracy Picard: Body Image & The Herbalist

Katja Swift: Girl’s Club: Changelings

Katja Swift & Ryn Midura: Detox: Herbalism’s 4 (well, five) Letter Word

Ingrid Bauer: Red Flags For Herbalists

Ingrid Bauer: Bitters & Carminatives: What Are They Really Doing?

Kiki Geary: Artemisia: She Wants You Intact

Juliet Blankespoor: Embodying The Rainbow: Flavanoids, The Medicine of Colorful Food


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